Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bonanza, the new Bonanzle

Bonanzle was recently reborn as Bonanza! and thus I had to change the name of the blogs. You can read my Bonanzle blogs over here on blogspot.

I can't really brand Bonanza or brand Bonanzle, but the consortium of buyers and sellers, the owners and everyone but the ordinary can.

What is Bonanza really about, is more important than the name change.
It has everything. Bonanza has panache. It has good will, an excellent portfolio of merchants. It has those things you can't find!

What are you looking for? There was a posting started by Boomer Outlet inquiring what was being sold on Bonanza.

The post is here if you are in the mood to browse.

Here are some of the things recently bought and sold:

1952 American Bible Society Revised Standard Version
1958 Corvette Speedeez Ballbearing by Playmates $4.99
1965 Corvette Soft Top Speedeez Ballbearing By Playmates $5.99
1966 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Diecast Model Orange 1/18 Diecast
2011 Coffee Lovers Calendar – 16 Month
2011 Horses Calendar – 16 Month
2011 Magical Moments Calendar – 16 Month
2011 Puppies Calendar – 16 Month
2011Chocolate Lovers Calendar – 16 Month
Alphabet Crafting Beads – 500 Pieces Value Pack
AMT 1970 Chevelle SS 454 Model Kit
Antique shaker
Apple soaps
Aubrey Hepburn mug
Banner designs
Beswick figurine
Betty Boop Hand Sanitizer – Vanilla Cupcake
Black Lace Goth Shirt Size Medium
Bonanzle Cookbooks
Boys Size 7 Road King Motorcycle T-Shirt NEW
Boys Size 8 Denim Jeans Lot
Brewing Beer in the Rubber City
Brighton wristwatch
CD/DVD, Books, Jewelry and stuffed animals
Coach duo lip gloss key fob
Coffee Syrup
Concho belts 
Corning Visions Dutch oven lid
Desktop coffee mug holders
Disney Princess Winter Pajamas Size 6
DML T-80MBT Tank 1/35 scale Model Kit
Dr. Seuss, 1Fish, 2Fish t-shirt
Dr. Seuss, Grinch and Max the Dog Christmas t-shirt
Enesco in Rainbow Forest Music Box 1985
Fan page designs
Girasol Quartz crystal with black Rutile.
Girls 3T Pajama Set Lot
Girls Nail Polish Trio – Peel Off
Glass cups and saucers - 1940s
Goody Ouchless Ponytail Holders With Bonus
Halloween items.
Handmade cards, gift tags
Hannah Montana Size 10 Panties Underwear Pack
Hard Rock Cafe Shot glasses
Holiday Classic Ferris Wheel Avon Exclusive 2001
Indian Candy Corn
Italian Dressing
Jewelled pins
John Deere Long Sleeve Shirt Boys Size 7
Koziol Amanda
Lip gloss
Lobster Plates
Looney Tunes Musical Band Mr Christmas
Marilyn Monroe Photo
Matchbox Motorized Tomcat 4 wheel drive
Mayflower knots shadown box
McCoy soup bowls
Merry Mice Panel (fabric),
Metal Apple Welcome Sign
Microwave Corn on the Cob Cookers
Ocean Jasper
Patriots Rubik’s Cube
Pendants, bracelets
Phillies fabric
Plum cobber candles
Princess Leia
purple Fluorite
Rhinestone bracelets
Sak handbag
Schlitz beer tap - 1960s
Shopping Lists Note Pad Lot
Silver dresser set
Smart Steaming Ball – As Seen On TV
Speedeez #00 Tuner Ball Bearing Micro Cars by Playm $3.99
Speedeez ’90s Chevy Camaro Pro-Strock Ball Bearing Micro Car $5.99
Speedeez ’90s Chevy Pro-Strock Truck Ball Bearing Micro Cars $5.99
Speedeez 1940 Fat Fender Ball Bearing Micro Cars by Playma $5.99
Speedeez 1955 Chevy Ball Bearing Micro Cars by Playma $2.99
Speedeez 27 Roadster Ball Bearing Micro Cars by Playm $3.99
Speedeez Bumble Bee Ball Bearing Micro Cars by Playm $4.99
Speedeez Chevy Avalanche Quad Cab Truck Ball Bearing Micro C $4.99
Speedeez Chyrsler Chrysler 300 C Hemi Ball Bearing Micro C $3.99
Speedeez Fat 1959 Cadillac Ball Bearing Micro Cars by Playma $3.99
Speedeez Ford Excursion Ball Bearing Micro Cars by Playma $5.99
Speedeez Green Tuner Ball Bearing Micro Cars by Playm $4.99
Speedeez Manual 2 Pro Stock Ball Bearing Micro Cars by Playm $5.99
Speedeez Mustang Coupe Silver Ball Bearing Micro Cars by Pla $5.99
Speedeez Number 10 Hyundai Accent WRC Ball Bearing Micro Car $5.99
Speedeez Number 47 Peugot 206 WRC Ball Bearing Micro Cars by $5.99
Speedeez Smart City Coupe Ballbearing By Playmates $3.99
Speedeez Yellow LeMans Ball Bearing Micro Cars by Playm $3.99
Spider-Man Toothbrush Kit
Starbucks Barista World Globe with Coffee Stamps Mug
sterling silver and amethyst ring.
Tarzan Photo
Tops, handbags
Vintage Avon Owl
vintage Blasters Roll Caps - 1960s
Vintage bucket
Vintage Canister
vintage Chicago Black Hawks jersey
vintage English leaf dish
Vintage Linens
Wet Seal Red and Black Goth Shirt Small
Wrestling figures - 1980s
XOXO handbag
Yankee Candle Apple Blossom Votives

The thing is, Bonanza is positive, joyful and over the top energetic, catapulting themselves to a place of which competitors perhaps only dream.

See for yourself.

If you aren't reading from the old branding bonanzle blog, you have some more exciting news of which to learn.

The Renaissance Fair is happening in a few days, for the month of October, 2010 at Bonanza. The discussion

post is here.
But, once the fair begins
all you  have to do is zip over to and you'll see the gala unfold.

Head on over to the Renaissance Fair at Bonanza.

2nd Annual Renaissance Faire at
(well actually the 1st Annual was on

Regarding Bonanza's news:

You can check out the scoop and all the pr releases on prnewswire reuters., Auction Bytes and a hundred other newsworthy takes on new tech and ecommerce. Just google Bonanzle to Bonanza and the search will bring up the latest info. Click the timeline to latest and you'll get some up to the minute news.

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Random thought here will be particular and inspiring, thoughts about Bonanza and Bonanza members, booth owners, sellers and buyers. Sometimes thoughts may be short, others long and rambling. Once in a while, will try to be on point and with impact for some creative thinking and inspirations.


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